The Effectiveness of using Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Approach to enhance EFL Student Teachers' Cultural Awareness

Abeer Ali Mahmud Diab

This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of using the CLIL approach to enhance EFL student teachers' cultural awareness. The study followed the pre-post experimental one group design. The participants were 38 third year students enrolled in English Language section, Faculty of Education, Benha University .To identify the most important and required EFL cultural awareness dimensions for the participants, a checklist of EFL cultural awareness was developed and validated by a number of EFL jury members. A pre-post EFL cultural awareness test was developed. Students were pre-tested, to determine their entry level of EFL cultural awareness. Then, they were trained through the suggested CLIL-based program on how to develop their cultural awareness dimensions (knowledge and situations) and trained adequately through its main four phases : processing the text, identification and organization of knowledge, language identification and tasks for students). The test was re-administered on the participants to assess the progress in their level of performance in EFL cultural awareness. Findings of the study revealed that there was a statistically significant difference at 0.01 in the pre-post assessment of EFL cultural awareness in favour of the post-assessment.