A Flipped Classroom Based-program Using Smart Learning and its Effectiveness in Developing TPACK Knowledge and Reducing Mathematics Teaching Anxiety among Faculty of Education Students

د. أمل محمد مختار الحنفي

The current research aimed at revealing the effectiveness of a flipped classroom based-program using smart learning in developing TPACK knowledge and reducing mathematics teaching anxiety among Faculty of Education mathematics students, To achieve this, the researcher has prepared a flipped classroom based-program, as it is a modern teaching approach that is concerned on investing study time in practice, application and discussion, by making educational content available outside of study times through video clips or digital media files, and the program has been supported by some applications and tools for smart learning, A knowledgebase measure related to math content has been prepared, in addition to the math teaching anxiety scale, The research sample consisted of (62) third year male and female Mathematics students at the Faculty of Education, Menoufia University, and the results have showed the effectiveness of the program in developing the TPACK knowledge and reducing mathematics teaching anxiety among faculty of Education students, and there is a statistically opposite correlation relationship between TPACK knowledge and mathematics teaching anxiety.