Using Podcasting for Developing EFL Listening Comprehension Skills Among Secondary Stage Students

Asmaa Youssef Abdelhamied Ghamry

The present study aimed at developing EFL listening comprehension skills among first year secondary stage students using podcasting. The participants of the study consisted of first year secondary stage students in Alsadat Secondary School for Girls, in Alzaqaziq (N=36). The study followed the one-group pre-post test design. A Pre-post listening comprehension skills test was administered to a group of first year secondary stage students. The students were taught using podcasting to develop their listening comprehension skills. Then, the test was administered again. T-test was used to compare the mean scores of prepost test of the study participants. Results of the study revealed that the participants' EFL listening comprehension skills improved significantly as a result of using podcasting. Therefore, it can be concluded that using podcasting is effective in developing EFL first year secondary stage students' listening comprehension skills.