Planning Model for Achieving Social Justice in Basic Education in Light of Social Reproduction Theory

د/ وفــــــاء عبد الفتـــاح محمـــود

The research aimed to propose a planning model for achieving social justice in basic education in the light of social reproduction theory. To achieve this, the research used the descriptive approach in gathering information related to social reproduction theory, planning for basic education, social justice in education and its principles, interpretation and analysis of social inequality mechanisms in basic education on The light of the theory, in order to arrive at the contributions that the reproduction theory provided to educational planning to address social justice gaps in basic education. Causal models were also used in building a planning model to provide the educational planner with a causal analytical framework that takes into account the main elements of social justice in basic education within the surrounding societal context, as it focuses on the relationship between education as a social system and the social and class structure prevailing in society. Keywords: