Requirements for digital transformation in general secondary stage schools in Egypt

أ.م.د/ مني محمد السيد الحرون // د/ على علي عطوة بركات

The study aimed to determine the requirements and obstacles of applying digital transformation in general secondary stage schools in Egypt. The study used the descriptive approach, and the study instrument was a questionnaire that was applied to a sample of (32) faculty members, and (52) secondary stage experts (principals - supervisors - directors of technological development units). The study findings revealed that the most important requirements were: enhancing the need for change as a starting point, determining the goals to be achieved by the leaders, training instructors and administrators to be able to use new technologies related to digital transformation enhance instructors’ preparing a detailed plan to enhance instructors skills towards digital assessment, schools should seek to obtain a license to apply digital administrative programs. The most important obstacles were: the lack of information and communication technology equipment and devices at schools, the small number of teachers who are able to use information and communication technology in teaching.